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This is how I made Crona’s cuffs 

When I was doing research I read many tutorials with a variety of approaches. I did kind of a hybrid that seemed to work well for me and it wasn’t too difficult. 

  1. First I measured how large I wanted to be. 
  2. I cut two identical rectangles out of card stock 
  3. I got white fabric from Jo-Ann’s. I got about 1/2 yard and had some left over 
  4. I measured the fabric so it fit snug around the cardboard like a book cover or a pillow case.
  5. I laid out the fabric flat and drew four lines in pencil. They need to line up when folded so there are two lines on each side. 
  6. There are a few different ways to make the lines darker. I decided to hand sew over them with embroidery floss. It looks good but it does take work so a sharpie could be used as a shortcut. 
  7. I used my sewing machine to sew up three sides. They should be inside out so the seams are on the inside. 
  8. I turned the sleeves right side out and inserted the card stock slips. 
  9. I sealed the last opening.
  10. I decided which side would be the “front” of each and sewed on the black buttons.
  11. I’m using velcro to hold the cuffs shut
  12. Now all I have to do is attach them to the sleeves of my dress

The reason I chose this approach is because the card stock provides the appropriate stiffness while the cover gives it a nice aesthetic. I recently posted a Ragnarok tutorial as well. 

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